Friction XXL Gaming Matte Rot


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800mm x 350mm x 4mm große Unterlage für Tastatur und Maus Für Strategie-, Rollen- und Simulationsspiele

Rely on the stability of the Friction mouse mat ! To be performing while using your applications or while playing, you need a mat that won’t let you down. That’s what Dragonwar offers you with the Friction. Created to maximize your speed and your reactivity, it always gives you one step ahead. An optimal glide ! Whatever the surface used, or the amount of light reflected to the sensor of your mouse, everything has been studied to provide you a smooth and reflective surface, to accompany perfectly your movements. An ultra-smooth mat While playing, you can always count on your devices, whether it is your mouse or your keyboard. It’s same for your mouse mat! This is why the Friction has been conceived to be super smooth. It avoids you confusions or bad surprises when you’re in the middle of an intense game. You need to be in the best conditions, and for that, the Friction is one of your best allies.

Hardware Mauspads
Plattform PC
Hersteller Dragon War
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